Over&In Academy
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Over&In Academy…

This September, we are extremely proud to announce our very own Academy set up is being launched. This has been an ambition of Over & In for the last few years and we are delighted to see it up and running so efficiently. 

The reason for our academy is to create a pathway for grassroots players into academy set-ups, bypassing training centres that are created by professional clubs to give the impression of an academy environment. We have many parents come to us to seek advice when their child is accepted into what they think is an academy set up with professional clubs, but soon realise that the lack of quality and consistency of coaching, lack of development and ambition and professionalism leads them to believe that they are not in the environment in which they originally thought or were sold. Based on feedback from customers and parents, we believe our coaches create the best environment in the region in order to help each kid development as much as they can, within the contact time they have.

We want players to use our academy as a shop window, to give themselves the opportunity of performing and impressing in front of academy opposition and hopefully move on to trials and permanent placements to fulfil their footballing potential

Rather than being in partnership or linked with one particular club, we strive to build and maintain strong relationships with as many professional and semi professional clubs in the local area as possible, so we can genuinely give the best advice to each player when stuck in a predicament about their next steps, whether that be to stay with us for the foreseeable future or to move on and take an opportunity that has arisen using our knowledge and experience of the environment and options. Regardless if any opportunities arise for players to move on to a professional or semi professional academy, players will undoubtedly still benefit in so many ways from our first class coaching service.

With this season being our first year we are starting with fewer squads to ensure the quality of our service remains high. We will have 3 squads:

  • U9/10
  • U11/12
  • U13

Each squad will have a coach and assistant coach and as each season passes we will filter in a new U9s so eventually we have sole age groups from U9-U16.

We have also created a shadow academy. This is effectively a second tier filled with a pool of players that have the potential to reach the academy squads but just fall short of the current standard. By creating a shadow academy this allows the players to continue to receive Over & In coaching with the possibility of making that step up.

Our long term vision for the over and in academy is to replicate this pathway across the county and then country to help as many young players reach their potential as possible. On top of this we also have a vision to create a coaching/playing scholarship as an accessible pathway into a sporting career, by the time the players reach under 17/18 level.

For more information please contact- [email protected]