Project Description

I started coaching at the age of 18. I was thrown into the industry in a company that provided sports coaching to primary schools.

I loved what I did, but this didn’t allow me to fulfil my ambitions. At 19, I stumbled across Over & In, a tennis coaching company that’s main objective was to “make a difference” to the lowest level of the game by introducing high-quality coaching to village clubs. This mirrored my own philosophy towards how I believed football should be taught across the nation and so seized at the opportunity to expand the company into football. There are a lot of children that are naturally talented at football, and because of this, they are lucky enough to be offered high-quality coaching in academy set-ups, if they can afford it. But for the average child, whether they love football or not, are talented or not they do not necessarily have access to high quality training, so it can be challenging for them to reach their full potential.

By implementing high quality coaching sessions, with high quality staff to be good role models at the lowest level of the game, we are providing an opportunity for every child to fulfil their potential and learn good sporting attitudes, whether they have shown signs of talent or not.

Five years down the line, I now work with a team of 3 other unbelievably passionate coaches that I am privileged to work along side, that all share the same drive and ambition as I do. We work across Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire to deliver high-quality sessions to as many teams, clubs, communities and organizati0ns as we can. I have also received recognition of my methods through winning the FA Coach of the Year. We are always growing and always learning, but feel blessed that we make a living doing what we love to do.

Long term I dream that I could grow this philosophy across the whole of the nation, to transform the way grassroots football is taught and create a larger pool of talent from which professional squads can select. We keep growing, we are really starting to establish ourselves for what we want to achieve and local teams are starting to turn their heads to what we are offering. It has never been done before so it is a completely new initiative and an exciting journey.