Project Description

Football has always been a passion for Will.

He has a well establish career with Over & In spanning many years. Having started as a volunteer with Over & In as a teenager, many years later he is now a Level 2 coach and continues to expand his coaching capabilities in any way he can.  Because Will has worked with Over & In for such a long time, he is highly experienced at delivering the unique philosophy of coaching to grassroots football throughout the county. He has an unbelievable passion for the game and his ability to translate the difficult into the simple enables him to really enhance the skills of players and their strategic game play.
Will has high ambitions for himself and the company, having a drive to learn and grow as a player and coach. Having started football at a young age, Will played throughout his school years and continues to do so as centre back for Girton United. 

Will has long supported Aston Villa with favourites being Gabby Agbonlahor & Jonathon Kodja.
Will is currently coaching a variety of clubs and teams in Cambridgeshire along with local academy junior squads. Will is a firm favourite with the kids.
Will’s plan for the next five years is to conquer the football coaching world and hopes to grow the company across Cambridgeshire.