Want to spread your tennis or football costs across monthly DIRECT DEBIT payments?

No more filling forms online to book your place. Want to never miss a discount again?
Over & In are excited to announce we are now offering DIRECT DEBIT plans to pay for coaching monthly.

The benefits include:
Cheapest way to pay
Guaranteed your place until YOU want to stop attending
No more filling in booking forms
Only one months notice to stop attending

Pricing example: Term 1 £100, Term 2 £80 Term 3 £120, TOTAL £300 minus 10% early booking discount = £270 divided by 12 = £22.50 per month

To sign up to a DIRECT DEBIT plan with us simply email [email protected] and someone will call you back to set it up.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have total control of your direct debit and will be able to cancel anytime with just one months notice during which period you will still of course be able to attend the coaching (so there isn’t in fact any penalty fees)