Team Coaching

We strive to provide teams with an advanced understanding of technical and tactical fundamentals to help your players develop quickly as individuals, as a team and as people. In addition, we are passionate about teaching respect and fair play to ensure that as young players they have a greater understanding of the game as a whole and a respect for those all who are involved.

During the School Holidays we also offer intensive 90-minute coaching exclusively for your team. Five unique sessions are pre-defined specifically focusing on the fundamental aspects of :

– attacking principles
– defending principles
– transition
– set pieces
– technicals

a single or all 5 sessions can be booked designed to run intensively over the course of a week during the school holidays. Bespoke sessions can also be created to meet your needs.

We can work with your team on a weekly or ad-hoc basis, in or out of season.

All enquires for coaching can be directed to [email protected]

Manager Coaching & Match Day Support

We know that every single team manager is a volunteer with their own personal life, family and career of their own and at times it can be difficult to juggle everything. The extent of experience varies between managers and as such you may feel that you could benefit from some tuition at team management and/or player development.

Furthermore, match day is the day that every body loves. But sometimes for a manager, with all of those parents wanting their child to play, and the other team putting the ball in the goal, it can become less of a fun experience.

With an unbelievable amount of playing, managing and coaching experience within our team we can offer tuition to develop you as a manager both in coaching your team and in managing your players and parents. We can meet with you on and off the pitch, attend matches with you, help encourage the team and offer any advice and assistance that we can.

Talent Identification

Although we focus on the development of all players at the lowest level of the game, we have a number of links with professional clubs, managers and football agents who are all behind our mission to enhance grassroots football and are always on the lookout for local, home grown talent. We are able to attend coaching sessions or matches to assess player(s) and provide feedback.